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About KnockOut Hair and Skincare Solutions

KnockOut Hair and Skincare Solutions was conceptualized with the goal of producing amazing hair grooming products that are often infused with beneficial ingredients that not only serves as great styling/grooming agents but also nourishes the hair at the same time.  

With this vision in mind, we set out in November 2016 to develop our first water-based pomade that is easy to wash off and yet has an awesome hold.  

To make our hair softer, silkier and easier to style while helping to repair split ends, we also decided to infuse Argan Oil into our styling pomade formula.  This non-greasy oil helps to tame frizz and fly-aways, protect against the harshness of heat treatment and adds a healthy shine to any hair style - from pompadours, slickbacks to side parts.   

After testing out several fragrances with our formula, we finally settled on a refreshingly fragrance that is soothing and pleasing to our senses.   

And thus, with a finalised formula, we started to produce our first batch of KO Styling Pomade in April 2017 with the aim to officially launch our brand in May 2017.

Along the way, we also experimented with our second product which is our First Edition KO Matte Clay, utilizing the same fragrance as our pomade.  This is also due for release in May 2017.

As we continue to learn and expand, we will dedicate ourselves towards crafting out an affordable line of quality hair grooming, hair nourishing/treatment, shaving as well as skincare products.

Thank You for your kind support and patience !