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How Much KO Styling Pomade to Use

So over the period from launch until now, I have been asked by associates and customers on the actual amount of pomade to use when structuring their hairstyle with our KO Styling Pomade.

We've heard suggestions of everything from a dime to a dollop.  However, like the variety of products available in the local market, there isn't that one answer that will work for everyone. That being said, it's always best to start with a little bit and add on more as and when needed.  After a few tries, you will get the idea of how much is enough for your mane.

We start off first by scooping a small 10 cent's worth of pomade onto your hand. Rub your palms and fingers together like the way you would if you were washing them, until there's equal goop coating your hands. 

Using both hands, massage the KO Styling Pomade into your hair from both sides. Spike it straight up to give you access to your hair near the roots. This will help evenly distribute the product and prevent any clumping.

For those who wish to have a clear parting, use a comb or your hands if you want a slightly messier look, part your hair at your usual crease, dab a little more pomade into the crease and work the shorter hairs down and the longer hairs up. Use as much pomade as is needed to keep the part in tact throughout the day.

For pomps and slickbacks, the trick to a flowing, healthy wave of hair that cascades luxuriously back and away from your face is to lather up the sides of your head first.  Start by slicking your side hairs back with as much KO Styling Pomade as needed. Then, comb the hair on the top of your head to the side and finish it off by push your bangs straight back. Don't expect your pomp / slickback to look perfect on the first try, but practice certainly makes perfect.  

Have fun experimenting !